2 thoughts on “SNACKS

  1. I recently ate at your restaurant and it was a pleasure!
    I had “gado gado’ and the portion was “just”, enough!
    My question, I don’t see any lumpia on your menue. Do you make those on order ?
    Also can you sell those in “bulk”?
    I recommended your restaurant to the members of the Holland Soccer Club and hope you get some new customers. The HSC is also interested in purchasing lumpia to be resold at their dance parties, provided your price is reasonable.
    Hope to visit you again,
    Selamat, Kees Kunstt.

  2. Hi thank you for recommending our restaurant to your friends. We don’t have lumpia in the menu but we certainly can make them for you. It’s a special order so please call us to order….thank you 🙂

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